Monday, 11 June 2012

Ghost stories

Every old hotel has it's own ghost story that is told to new employees. Especially during first night shift. Our stories are unique in a special way. All of them has at least one person who has witnessed these absurd scenarios.

(These stories are not to be shared with children under 13 years old. You also might wanna stop reading if you get scared easily.)

First story was told by our old cleaning lady.

She was cleaning a bathroom one morning and she knew there was another cleaning lady coming to help her soon. While wiping the mirror clean she noticed her co-worker standing behind her so she started talking to her. She then noticed that the dark character didn't respond. She turned around and the person was gone. She left the room and went to a hallway. She then saw her co-worker walking up the stairs. She asked her if she had been in the same room with her? She told her she hasn't been in the third floor all morning.

Another story takes place in our 2nd floor dining room where we still serve breakfast every morning.

This happened few years ago. Every morning the staff could hear the sound of  a pan-flute in the kitchen. The sound could be heard for more than two years. So it was not a one time thing. The flute has stopped playing it's melody now but we still wonder were the sound came from.

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