Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A shelf full of wild dreams

To read or not to read, there is the question. Whatever the answer may be for you, we in Hotel Merihovi can help you to find some of the old classics in literature. How? Well of course offering novels for you to borrow from our very own mini library.

It is commons sense that books are quite heavy and you don’t wish to drag many pieces with you, while living from a suite case. That’s why we have a grand bookshelf by the reception on the first floor.

All our costumers are free to take a book to their room and enjoy classical novels suited for their own taste. We have many epic pieces from the day the hotel was build and some new ones as well. We’ve been blessed, to receive such books as Duchess Hotspur by Rosamund Marshal and The Egyptian by Mika Waltari.

We welcome you to enjoy your stay. Not just in our hotel but the imaginary world created  by the ones with wise words and a wild mind. Book your room now The books are included in the room price ;) 

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