Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Passion for Winter

Even though Kemi isn’t quite the same as Lapland it is located in the south west of Lapland’s region. This means we get to enjoy full winter season. We are probably the best know winter loving industrial town in whole Finland. And that is because our amazing SnowCastle and other winter attractions.

Some people say that natives in Kemi seem to have something out of place when it comes to ideas. Who knows? Maybe the one who first said that “We should build the biggest snow castle in the world” wasn’t even dead serious at the time. It was most like the rest of the crowd who said “Yeah we should!”. Whatever the case, we now know that this huge snow structure has been re-built every winter since 1996. Read more about Snowcastle from here.
Inside the SnowCastle in Kemi.

Snow castle isn’t the only huge object you can locate near Kemi’s centre. In Kemi you can also see the great ice breaker Sampo which used to belong the Finnish government. Now days it is used as a winter cruise ship. Read more about Sampo from here.
The great icebreaker Sampo.

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