Monday, 25 March 2013

Lamb chops and egg hunting

After long and dark winter time Finnish people tend to enjoy even to most tiny clues that summer is on the way. Small ray of sunshine between the clouds or bird’s twitter nearby will makes us smile. That’s why we welcome Easter time with open arms.

Chick, yellow and church are the first three things people tend to think when talking about Easter. For Finns this holiday usually means a bit more. It’s a mini vacation between winter season and summer holiday. It’s a long weekend that’s spend with family and friends while enjoying great food and a small break from routines.
Lamp served in restaurant Merihovi.

Sea Lapland’s staff is very much looking forward the busy weekend. Because this means that everyone gets their fare share of eastern delicacies served in our restaurants. We also have egg hunting in Club Ilona and free entrance to PubHölmölä so there are many things to choose from if you think about leaving the house.

Our whole staff welcomes you to enjoy your mini break!
Great Easter everyone. 

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